This year Jeremy is on a mission to motivate & inspire 1 Million Teachers! To show our appreciation to educators across America, The Jeremy Anderson Group, LLC will be sending 5 TEACHERS, or staff members on an all expense paid cruise getaway!!! Thats right! In addition to the cruise, we’re paying for the limo ride to the airport, as well as the round trip flight. And it gets better….we will also pay for one guest to accompany the recipient. Watch this video above for more details, and nominate someone that’s deserving at your school below!



Sabine Bachner was born in Germany, and worked many years as an Au pair. She soon traveled to South Africa to teach German to Africans and Zulus. After Apartheid occurred times became very difficult for her, and she lost everything in Africa.

She prevailed and obtained a Masters in linguistics and moved to Puerto Rico to teach. After a while her mom became critically ill, so she went back to Germany to take care of her mom. During this time to make extra money to support herself and her mother, she made jewelry and earrings. After her mother passed she moved back to Puerto Rico to support her husband.  Sabine’s love for life moved her to help with the issues of the 350,000 stray dog in Puerto Rico, so Sabine created an animal rescue.

Pendergast Elementary School District recruiters met Sabine in Puerto Rico. She was hired and came to the U.S. to support her family, where she started teaching at Amberlea Elementary School. Unfortunalty when she moved to Arizona she became the victim of a local business scam. Her teaching credentials were tough to translate, and it took 2 years  for her to obtain her HQ teaching status due to transcript issues from the company.

Though she taught in AZ, her husband was still living in Puerto Rico. In 2017 when Hurricane Maria occurred, she had to go 20 days without any communication from her husband. Once the storm settled, Sabine learned that her and her family lost everything from the hurricane!

Sabine is a proud teacher at Pendergast School District. To make ends meet and to help support family and friends, she translates for Az International Credential Evaluators. Sabine’s overwhelming love for kids is evident, and her story of perseverance is amazing. Everyone that knows Sabine brags on her selfless character. We are honored for her to be the 1st recipient of our Cruise Giveaway!!



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