Professional Development for your Staff

Jeremy believes that teachers today are the real heroes, and many times they are over worked and underpaid, which may cause teachers to unintentionally fall short. Because of his past, Jeremy can be a valuable asset to your staff and help them connect with some of their most challenging students. Jeremy normally does professional development with the staff at the schools who contract him to conduct student presentations. His training sessions with your faculty and staff is one that will give your staff that needed boost to help them experience Next Level Teaching.


Jeremy is here to help every teacher CONNECT with even the most troubled students in a real and relevant way! 

  • Fighting Burnout & Boosting Morale: Jeremy has proven strategies to help build the overall morale with your staff.

  • Building Allies in the Classroom: Often times the most troubled students have the most potential. Jeremy will show you how to build relationships that will have them assisting you in classroom.  

  • Equity Training: During these sessions, Jeremy provides tools to use that will assist you in connecting with diverse classrooms.

  • Motivational Session: You can be assured that Jeremy's motivational session will leave you and your staff pumped up, and ready for the challenges the classroom brings. 

  • Relating to At-Risk students: Jeremy has a heart for at-risk students, and he knows what it takes to get them back to focusing academically that results in success in the classroom.



Jeremy Anderson came in and touched the soul of my teachers. After his speech one of my male teachers stood in front of the auditorium in tears. He was going to retire but decided to commit for three more years or more!!" Jeremy reignited their desire to touch children and he reminded them why they went into teaching. He reawakened the beast within their hearts! 

-Dr. Jimmy Shaw
Superintendent at Florence City Schools
Florence, Alabama


Is your school or district searching for strategies to enhance the implementation of MTSS for students and staff? If so, Jeremy Anderson would be happy to share engaging, research-based behavioral practices. Jeremy's staff training presentations will provide your staff with critical skills to take their classroom to the Next Level. 

Jeremy's MISSION:

To help your facility and staff remember how they felt when they first became teachers; we believe that healthy teachers produce healthy students. The investment in your staff is key to the growth and development of your students. Jeremy's staff presentation is one that will give your staff the boost needed to get through the year.