ready for your company or organization to go to the Next level?


How does someone go from living a life of crime, failing in school and being addicted to drugs and alcohol, become a published author, successful business man and a happily married man and father? When Jeremy's mindset changed, his life changed. Jeremy began to pursue the formula of Next Level Living years ago and has now helped organizations around the globe go to the Next Level. His passionate presentation is one that leaves the audience both convicted and encouraged to go to the Next Level.  Before Jeremy became the successful author and entrepreneur, he worked in areas of insurance and investments, sales and marketing, as well as management and recruitment with several companies.  

Beyond his experience in the corporate sectors, Jeremy's success in life is one that will resonate with people from all walks of life. His own personal pursuit to experience Next Level Living is one that will encourage your company, and employees. Jeremy knows that your company will grow when your employee grows, and when they grow, the results you're looking for will follow. Being personally mentored by one of the top motivational speakers in the world, Dr. Eric Thomas, Jeremy has followed in the footsteps of ET, and has joined him in inspiring the world. From the east coast to the west coast, Jeremy has been used to train leaders!

What others are saying about Jeremy... 

I had Jeremy speak to all 1,400 of my employees. Jeremy’s message was so moving and inspirational that my staff asked for him to come back. We’ve had him 3 times already! His presentation was so powerful that there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. We’re thankful for people like Jeremy who have made it in this world.
— Dr. Lily Matos Deblieux Superintendent, Pendergast School District
I’ve heard many speakers, but Jeremy was special because he was able to go beyond just inspiring my staff in that moment. He called our whole company forward, and we took a shift because of his powerful presentation.
— Nathaniel M. Fields President, Urban Resource Institute
I had the pleasure of having Jeremy speak to my neurology practice. We were undergoing some major changes and my staff of 8 doctors, and 60 employees was stressed and the morale was low. Jeremy came to speak to them and he was so powerful! He motivated and energized my staff to work head and shoulders above their peers in other practices. Now our practice has reached its full potential in providing high quality care in a caring manner for the people of Phoenix.
— Dr. Troy Anderson Phoenix Neurology & Sleep Medicine