“Jeremy Anderson’s message is Positive, Passionate and Pure truth! His high regard for the teachers that 'breathed life' into him gives us all hope for the future of our most at-risk youth."
-Laura Dalton
Principal at Stuart Academy
Louisville, Kentucky



"I had Jeremy speak to all 1,400 of my Teachers and Principals. Jeremy's message was so moving and inspirational that my staff asked for him to come back. We've had him 3 times already! His presentation was so powerful that there wasn't a dry eye in the room. We're thankful for Jeremy and the impact he made in our school district."
-Dr. Lily Matos Deblieux  
Superintendent, Pendergast
Phoenix, Arizona



"I have attended district Convocations for 25 years, and Jeremy Anderson's keynote address was the BEST we have ever experienced!!   All 2,300 employees were enthralled by his moving words and were motivated by Jeremy to 'speak life into our students' every day! Shortly after his presentation, our city experienced a devastating hurricane. Jeremy took the time to check on us frequently, asked how our students were dealing with it, and even sent us inspirational videos to help us get through the hard times. Jeremy Anderson is an AMAZING Motivational Speaker"  
-Jenny Angelo  Executive Director Curriculum and Instruction Beaumont ISD  Beaumont, Texas



"Jeremy Anderson came in and touched the soul of my teachers. After his speech one of my male teachers stood in front of the auditorium in tears. He was going to retire but decided to commit for three more years or more!! Jeremy reignited their desire to touch children and he reminded them why they went into teaching. He reawakened the beast within their hearts! Jeremy Anderson was a Phenomenal Motivational Speaker for my Teachers and Staff!" 
-Dr. Jimmy Shaw
Superintendent at Florence City Schools
Florence, Alabama 



"I've worked in schools all over the country, and I've never heard anything as gripping and powerful as Jeremy's presentation! After his presentation all of the principals felt revived and on fire! This was truly life changing for us!"
-Angelo Rosetti
Board Member Pendergast School District
Phoenix, Arizona



"Jeremy's message was powerful, and heartfelt! He really connects with the youth of today, and he motivates and inspires them to take action on their lives in that their current circumstances do not control their destiny. They can change their own course and be a success. He has spoken several times for us!" 
-Jewell M. Ralph  Principal at Catonsville Center for Alternative Studies Catonsville, Maryland



"Jeremy was able to bring a powerful message for ALL students and staff. He is a gifted communicator with a positive message that everyone needs to hear!"
-Anna Harding
Anne Arundel County Schools
Glen Burnie, Maryland



“I was impressed with his level of engagement and relevance to our students. Jeremy’s own personal experiences truly captivated our staff. He inspired our teachers to believe in our students in-spite of their circumstances. Jeremy inspired our students and they didn't just hear, but they actually listened to his powerful message."
-Dr. Sandy Womack Jr.  Cleveland Heights, Director of Curriculum and Instruction  Cleveland Heights, Ohio



"Jeremy's weekly episodes of Next Level Students are continually changing and shaping my students lives. Every other week I share a new episode with my entire student body and it’s seems that every episode is delivered at exactly the right time for the exact student needing to hear it. My students leave feeling more confident in themselves, knowing that they can hear and see other students, just like them, who are experiencing the same challenges, but now Jeremy has equipped them with the tools to conquer them!" 
-Christopher Simmonds
CARE Elementary School Principal
Miami, Florida



"Jeremy Anderson had our entire student body spellbound with his life story and how he rose above circumstances. He stresses to students the importance of getting a good education and of persevering when things don’t come easily. After speaking to the students, Jeremy connects with the students and spends time talking to them individually during our lunch shifts. Our students love him and always look forward to hearing him speak!"   
-Dr. Denise Wooten  John E. Ewing Middle School
 Gaffney, South Carolina



"Jeremy Anderson is amazing in so many ways. He is down to earth, genuine, funny, friendly and caring. We booked Jeremy for our school twice. Our students and staff were impacted in a very special way. After his first visit, we had students apologizing to their teachers for negative behaviors and actions they had displayed. Another impactful moment was when I reached out to Jeremy's Assistant (Ebony Frazier....who is also amazing) to see if he would personally call one of our students on the phone to help motivate and to encourage. Jeremy did just that!!! He took the time out of his busy schedule and called the student twice to speak LIFE into him. I appreciate all that Jeremy and his wonderful staff are doing to help everyone he encounters strive for Next Level Living."
-Danielle Richardson
School Counselor at Chowan Middle School
Edenton, North Carolina

IMG_1750 2.JPG

"His Message is Powerful..."

"Jeremy's Testimonial is touching. He understands the reality of my students because he was the 'underdog.' His message is powerful! Every student should listen to Jeremy not heir way to school."
-Miguel Cura
The English High School

IMG_1751 2.JPG

"Truly Refreshing..."

"As an educator and speaker, I have had the privilege of hearing Jeremy speak on a number of occasions to various audiences and demographics. His motivational sessions were the perfect way for our students to kick-start their new academic year! His humility and passion to serve others is truly refreshing!"
Ty-Ron M.O. Douglas, Ph.D.
The University of Missouri
Columbia, Missouri