About Jeremy

Jeremy Anderson’s main goal in life is to help individuals become the best version of themselves. He has been gifted with opportunities to speak to a wide array of audiences across the globe. Whether he's speaking to a school, a church, or a company, Jeremy has the ability to help his audience experience true Next Level Living. Years ago, Jeremy transitioned from failing in school, and living a life of crime and began to pursue his personal Next Level in life. He went from repeated failure in high school to achieving his High school Diploma, Bachelors & Master’s Degree. He left a life of drug and alcohol abuse to live a life of sobriety, health and fitness. He went from being broke and jobless to having a victorious life as well as incredible careers, where he currently owns several successful businesses.

Jeremy Anderson is a leading expert, and one of the premier motivational speakers in the education arena. Jeremy has made it his life's work to help schools get to the next level. Jeremy's personal pursuit of Next Level Living has taken him from the East coast to the West coast, from the Hills of Bangalore, India to the city of Johannesburg, South Africa, all the way to Australia, the land down under. You won't find a more passionate and thought provoking presenter.  Beyond the speaking, training and the writing, Jeremy is a family man. Jeremy and his wife Traci live happily in Atlanta, GA with their daughter Jewel.